Night Time Package




Mobile Broadband - Night Time Package

Download and upload all you want from midnight till the morning with night-time Data packages

Night Time Data Plans

3.63 GB

Night Time Data


days valid

  • Additional Anytime Data 302.5MB

  • Night Time is from 12 mid night to 8am

  • Extra Data Usage charged at Rs 0.3 + Tax per MB

Night Time Data Plans

60.5 GB

Night Time Data


days valid

  • Additional Anytime Data 6.05GB

  • Night Time is from 12 mid night to 8am

  • Extra Data Usage charged at Rs 0.2 + Tax per MB

TRC යොමු අංකය:



Speed will depend on resource availability

Rs.96 package can also be activated as a weekly recurring pack

To activate a recurring package, type INTW<Package value> and SMS to 678.
Eg: To activate a Rs.96.00 package as a weekly recurring pack, type INTW96 and SMS to 678.
To deactivate the recurrence package, type OFF<Space>INT and SMS to 678.


Night Time: 12 midnight to 8 am

  • Validity Period


    A 21 day internet card activated at 8.00 pm on the 1st of the respective month will expire on the 21st of that same month at 11.59.59 pm (21 days including the activated day, is counted as day 1) and a 30 day internet card will follow the same.

  • For the Rs.96 package, standard GPRS charges will be applicable for extra usage and for the Rs.1539 package, Rs.0.20 per MB will be applicable.

  • Extra usage will be charged in 10KB blocks.

  • Activate via reload or SMS

  • The above rates are not applicable while roaming.

  • A GPRS compatible handset and GPRS settings are required to use the above internet broadband packages on your mobile.

  • To check usage balance, type MYUSE and SMS to 678

Other methods to activate pack

Activate via MyDialog app

Download the MyDialog app on your mobile device and activate

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Reload (via online banking, eZ Cash & Genie, Star Points)
  • eZ Cash
    Go to Bill Payment/Reload  Select Dialog Mobile  Enter the amount (Internet Card Value)  Select the card on the Bill details  Click on Pay  Enter the eZ Cash PIN number.

  • Genie
    Go to Make a payment  Click on ADD (+) mark to add your number  Select Dialog Mobile  Enter the Mobile number  Enter the amount (Internet Card Value) and click on next  Enter your Genie payment PIN number.

  • Star Points
    Customer should type STAR PAY (amount) and send to 141 E.g: To activate a Rs.96 package, type STAR<space>PAY<space>96 and SMS to 141.

Activate via SMS

If you have reloaded your Prepaid account already and wish to activate any of the above packages,

Type INT<Package value> and SMS to 678.

Eg: To activate a Rs.1539 package, type INT1539 and SMS to 678