yeheli (Sinhala and English)/ (Tamil) the first of its kind digital platform in Sri Lanka, is dedicated to assisting women’s health and wellbeing. is an anonymous, free, trilingual messaging platform that connects users with expert advice, available on the web and for Android mobile phones. In simpler terms we digitally connect subject-matter-experts to user queries with our intelligent platform. The service is reinventing the way people in developing countries access specialist advice.

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to Queries
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Categories of experts or advice include counselling, legal advice, medical advice, and how to navigate situations involving the police and other authorities. The service has seen a widespread take-up by many users, browsing the bank of specimen questions-and answers or asking their own anonymous questions. The highly engaged resource pool of experts has maintained high standards of response times and attention to detail when responding to questions. These have all led to a high engagement level on the app and the website, creating a community for this area of information whilst reinforcing the notion that many find it challenging to open up in our society on specific subject matters.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store. User queries are received via typed message or voice recording, along with the option of attaching images related to those queries. The algorithm, developed in-house, ensures queries are matched with relevant experts (subject matter experts), who then send the user a detailed factual response. In special cases and where relevant,'s experts will often refer users to local external specialists and organizations for further care, support and follow up. now has over 300,000+ users and have answered more than 15,000 user queries.

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