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Turn your smartphone into a fully functional hearing enhancement device!

Petralex is a revolutionary yet practical application for smartphones and tablets with all the functions of a hearing aid, but the app is not intended to substitute professional testing and professionally fitted commercial hearing aids. With Petralex you can use your mobile device with a pair of regular headsets (including Bluetooth), as a simple yet discreet hearing enhancement device, without the need for a battery that needs changing or the need for a special hearing device.

The processing power of modern smartphones is so high that you can conduct a hearing test and enhance your hearing easily in a matter of minutes. Any smartphone has a built-in microphone and a headphone (or headset) jack, which can be used as a base for an advanced digital hearing aid. The Petralex app walks you through initial testing to see if you need hearing enhancement. Thereafter the app is able to automatically enhances hearing by the amounts detected. In keeping with its philosophy of making digital services inclusive and affordable for all Sri Lankans, Dialog has negotiated a special discounted monthly subscription fee of Rs.180 +taxes compared to the global monthly rate of Rs.2000 +taxes.”

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How to pay the Subscription Fee

  • The subscription is through Google Play Store and App Store (No in app payments)
  • For android customers Dialog add to bill is available through the Google Play Store (Not A service provided by the app)

How to use Petralex app

Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store and follow the steps bellow

  • Step 1

    Open The “Petralex App”

  • Step 2

    Plug in your headset and make sure you wear your headset correctly in both ears (Left and Right). Increase the phone volume to maximum and press “START TEST”

  • Step 3

    If you hear a sound press “I CAN HEAR IT”. If you don’t hear a sound press “I CANNOT HEAR IT”. Keep Pressing “I CANNOT HEAR IT” until you hear a sound and then press “I CAN HEAR IT”. Repeat this process until you complete the test.

  • Step 4

    Save your profile

  • Step 5

    You can see your hearing test results.

  • Step 6

    Activate your profile to enhance your hearing. To adjust the volume, you move the sound dial to your comfort sound level. To cancel off unwanted noise press “Noise Suppression”. If the sound is still low Press “Super Boost”


Petralex is a third party app, launched in partnership with Dialog. All app and subscription related issues will be handled by Petralex.
Please refer the terms and conditions bellow,
Terms & Conditions & User Policy

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Frequently Asked Questions


Monthly charges

LKR 180 +tax per month
Users have a 7-day free trial before they are charged


Standard taxes applicable

Can I use the service free of charge?

For 7-day free trail for all options after that if you’re not subscribed you will be able to use the app with limited options

What happens if my credit balance is not sufficient to pay the monthly fee?

At the first subscription stage you will be given access to the app for 7 days. after if the balance is still not sufficient you will not be able to access the benefits of the app and app will show a pop-up page saying “Buy”.

Other FAQ