Sustainability Philosophy

Since commencing operations in 1994, Dialog has consistently focused on exploiting state-of-the art technology to make its products & services available, affordable and accessible. Dialog has become the market leader through delivering low cost communications solutions and minimising entry barriers confronting traditionally marginalised segments of the market. This practice is an indication of our ‘Philosophy of Inclusion’ that is integral to the Company’s existence. It means that we strive to reach out to all segments of society regardless of demographic disparity.

This underlying philosophy is translated into effective solutions through powerful actions facilitated by Dialog’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) thrust. We exploit state-of-the-art technology to deliver our products & services to a wider consumer group, complying with local regulations, while striving to exceed internationally established standards. Our objective is to provide digital technology access to a larger population of people, including traditionally marginalized segments. This goal flows from the Company vision “to be the undisputed leader in the provision of multi-sensory connectivity resulting always, in the empowerment and enrichment of Sri Lankan Lives & Enterprise”. Our focus in CR is to enrich the nation through inclusion, through a multi-faceted approach, ensuring we reach out to as many as possible. This means that CR is practiced across many spheres, be it business integral processes, product innovations that support inclusion or community outreach efforts. It is our aim to practice responsible business in every sphere that affects our stakeholders and the community within which we operate.