A Helpful Guide
for Frequently Asked Questions

Queries about Dialog Home Broadband
(Prepaid / Postpaid)

You feel you have been charged more for your Home Broadband Connection

Dialog HBB offers the lowest per GB price in the market for both main and extension packs. Additionally, customers can opt for a prepaid option which is offered for the first time in Sri Lanka where the price starts from as low as Rs. 25 per GB per day.

Across 230 countries in the world, Sri Lanka has been globally ranked by independent institutions as the 7th cheapest in terms of data pricing (https://www.cable.co.uk/mobiles/worldwide-data-pricing/#map). This is the result of a very efficient network setup and good collaboration with the regulatory bodies in Sri Lanka.

CPE is subsidized by 2000 LKR and Per GB cost is maintained at a minimal rate to provide better pricing to the customer.

You may feel your data consumption is too high or being consumed without your knowledge?
  • Most apps (ex: YouTube, Netflix) are automatically configured to HD quality (HD consumes up to 3GB per hour, SD quality 1GB per Hour), thus the data consumption will be undoubtedly high.
  • Multiple devices connected to Home Broadband can also result in high data usage without users realizing it. Ensure multi-device connectivity is monitored by the end customer.
  • Customers tend to watch short clips or the first few minutes of long videos. Even if they watch one minute of the video, the full video will be buffered without users realizing it and cause to download most content of the video to your mobile /pc unknowingly.
  • Multi party and network gaming software can consume large data volumes for their upgrades unknowingly (X-box, PS4, etc.)
  • Tools to work from home such as Video conference, zoom, O365 can also consume large amounts of data when users do not restrict the streaming quality to SD.
  • Stop or re-schedule auto updates to night time (off peak hours i.e. 00:00 to 8:00). Devices will auto update when connected to a Wi-Fi device and as a result data usage on Home Broadband connection can be higher.
  • Data can be consumed due to apps in the devices running in the background, additionally data usage cannot be measured accurately in the manner of a voice call being measured. For example, the data consumed during 5 minutes spent scrolling through a social media news feed cannot be accurately calculated and displayed. Similarly, data can be consumed due to the increased downloads and uploads of media on instant messaging platforms.