Fraud and security resources
Fraud and security resources

Fraud & security resources

Fraudsters are very creative and always come up with wide range of schemes to commit of fraud by taking advantage of people. Dialog, as a responsible organization is committed to protect our customers and that’s why we are monitoring our network and ensuring our customers are educated regularly on different types of fraud and how to avoid them.

We want our customers to be safe when they are using our products and services. Here are some useful common security tips and common scams for you to be safe.

Please remember Dialog does not ask any personal or account information via e-mail, call or text message, neither do we levy any fee or charge to be paid by customers. If you hear of any such scams, please report for verification.

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The 'Dialog customer reward program' message circulating on certain websites promising a Samsung Galaxy S10 or an Apple iPhone X in exchange for a survey did not originate from Dialog. Please refrain from clicking on or sharing such messages.

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Common Scams & Tips for protecting yourself

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