Reverse Bid

Dialog mobile customers can bid and win amazing products with Reverse Bid, the bidding competition enabled via mobile where bidders can win by becoming the lowest and unique bidder.


How do I activate the service?

SMS: Type REG BID and send to 3377

IVR: Dial 3377 and follow the recording

USSD - Dial #3377#

How do I deactivate the service?

Type UNREG(space)BID and send to 3377


  • Daily rental - Rs. 6 + tax
  • Obtaining more bidding chances - Rs. 6 + tax for 5 extra bidding chances
  • SMS to 3377 - Free
  • Dialing 3377 - Free

Frequently asked questions

How do I buy more chances?

How do I see my bidding history?

How do I bid for a product?