FAQs for Value Added Services

Work & Learn Plus Plan

What is Work and Learn Plus Plan?

What is the purpose of Introducing this Plan?

Is this special pack available for both Postpaid and Per day Home Broadband customers?

When can we access the Data Quota for Work & Learn Plus Pack?

What is meant by “Minimal Distractions from Social Media, Streaming Media and other identifiable applications and services”?

What happens if I access the above applications and services not required for Working & Learning?

Is there a possibility of completely not allowing to use all the applications and services mentioned in the above list from my “Data Quota for Work & Learn Plus Pack”?

If I am a prepaid customer who does not have any other data plan with zero balance in my prepaid account, can I consider it as the excluded applications & services being completely blocked?

When an application or website not listed in the excluded list is accessed there could be a situation where an embedded application could be from the excluded list (E.g.: Study app having Facebook content /authentication). Will I be able to access that?

Can I access YouTube from these Data Plan?

If I have another standard data plan which has a Night Time Bonus Data Quota (12am – 8am) which is not fully utilized, and I access a work / learn related application between 12am-8am what will happen?

If I activate a Time-Based Data Plan and access a work / learn related application what will happen?

How do I activate the Data Plan?

How do I check Data usage?

How do I deactivate this pack?

How does the rental get charged for postpaid customer who activates this pack in the middle of the billing cycle?