FAQs for Genie

DF Savings

1. What is DF Savings?

2. Who are eligible for opening the DF Savings account?

3. How do I open DF Savings account?

4. What are the documents required for opening the DF Savings Account?

5. How do I deposit money to my DF Savings account?

6. How do I view my account balances?

7. What are the features included in the DF Savings account?

8. What is the minimum deposit amount required to open a DF Savings account?

9. What is the withdrawal limit per day?

10. Can I get a physical document for my transactions?

11. Can I get a certified copy of that e-statement when I needed? How?

12. What is the interest rate of Genie Digital Saver?

13. When can I start earning interest on my DF Savings account?

14. How is the interest on my DF Savings account calculated?

15. Are there any charges applicable for this savings account?

16. Am I required to maintain a minimum balance in the account?

17. Can I open a joint savings account?

18. What are the ATM charges?

19. How do I request a Debit card via App?

20. How do I link my card to my savings account?

21. How do I Reset my PIN?

22. How do I Temporary Block my Debit card?

23. How do I Unblock my Debit card?

24. How do I Replace my damage Debit card?

25. How do I Permanently block my Debit Card if it’s lost or stolen?

26. Where I can use my Debit Card?

27. Can I use my card overseas?

28. Can I do POS and online transactions from my Debit card?

29. Can I do bill payments via my savings account?

30. Are there any charges applicable for the bill payments?

31. What is Save towards a goal / goal-based savings?

32. What are the features available in goal-based savings product?

33. How do I fund the investment plan?

34. What is the interest rate of Genie Goal-based savings?

35. Can I change the tenor or funding date or monthly installment value after I open the goal-based savings account?

36. How I request a premature closure?

37. What is the penal interest rate for the pre-mature closures?

38. What are the main conditions of this account?

39. How am I getting my maturity proceeds?

Lesi Pay Genie 2.0

What is Lesi Pay?

How do I know if I’m eligible for the Lesi Pay service?

Why didn’t I get the eligibility SMS notification for the loan?

How do I obtain a loan to purchase a device?

I don’t have a smartphone, is there an alternative way for me to activate this facility?

What are the mandatory details I must provide?

Can I transfer this offer to my family member or a friend?

I have submitted my KYC application through my smartphone. How do I check my application status?

What is my loan duration or repayment period?

Do I have to make any payments upfront?

Can I make a lower down payment?

Can increase the loan amount I’m eligible for?

How many loans can I obtain?

Can I obtain another loan after settling my current loan?

How do I know my loan account number?

How can I check my Lesi Pay loan outstanding balance and the due date for settlement?

How do I know if the payment has been made? Can I check the payment history?

Can I get physical documents of my transactions?

Can I place a standing order to automatically deduct the instalment from my eZ Cash or Genie account?

How will I know if my loan has been closed?

Can I extend the loan period while I’m making repayments?

How much will I be charged as interest?

Will I be charged for late payments?

Do I get charged for loan processing?

How will my loan due date get calculated?

Can I make an early settlement or a part of the payment at any given time?

How do I make repayments?

Am I entitled to benefits for early settlement?

Do I get charged for instalment payments (when paying through the app)?

How do I check my instalment due date?

I didn’t receive my OTP code. What do I do?

My OTP is blocked. What do I do?

I’m unable to log in to eZ cash, and my eZ Cash PIN has been blocked. What do I do?

I can’t remember my Genie username. What do I do?

My Genie password is blocked/I don’t remember it. What do I do?

How do I find out the eligible Devices under Lesi pay instalment plan?

Can I use this loan to purchase another preferred device that I’m not eligible for?

I have a problem with my device. Whom should I contact?

I’m unable to view my loan details on the Genie app. What do I do?

I got a message that I’m eligible for a loan but I’m unable to apply. What do I do?

I made the payment on time. However, I have been charged a penalty. What do I do?

My loan has not been processed/approved. What do I do?

I’m unable to update my profile information. What do I do?

My profile information is incorrect. How do I update it?

What is Device blocking feature?

How can I unsubscribe from these notifications?

I want to gift this device to my friend and remove this Device blocking feature, what do I do?

What features does it have?

What happens if I don’t settle my due payments on time?

My device has been blocked. What do I do?

How can I check my Loan outstanding once by Device is blocked?