Become an Approved Vendor

To be an approved vendor in Dialog Axiata, it is essential to surpass the vendor profiling and pre qualification process successfully.

In order to be qualified as an approved vendor the following conditions should be met:

  • Compliance to the Supplier code of conduct

  • Supplier self-declaration form submission

  • Vendor profile form submission with necessary supporting documents

  • Achieve a minimum threshold from the vendor profile assessment. Areas of assessment are as follows;

    • - Nature of Business

    • - Financial Strength and Stability

    • - Assessment of Quality

    • - Awards & Recognition

    • - Vendor Past Performance

Failure to comply with the above criteria shall exclude the vendor from participating in request for information / request for quotation / request for proposal exercise and shall be disqualified.

All potential vendors are requested to submit the following materials to commence the vendor pre qualification process. Upon submission Dialog Supply Chain shall asses the submissions and if minimum requirements are met the vendor shall become an approved vendor of Dialog Axiata.

If any supplier needs to register with Dialog, please write to

mail us at,

Supply Chain Management,
Dialog Axiata PLC,
Kit Building 4th Floor,
475, Union Place,
Colombo 02


*Please make sure to provide all the information that are requested in the vendor profiling form for successful submission