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6906 Gamer Plus Package

285 GB

Total data quota

For Rs. 6906.00

Per month

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Router Fee:

Rs. 7,990.00

Delivery Fee:

FREE Delivery


Rs. 7,990.00

TRC Reference No: TRC/DBN/PRO/21/04


Rental fees may be subject to the addition of applicable taxes


Speed will depend on resource availability

TRC Reference No: TRC/DBN/PRO/21/04


Rental fees may be subject to the addition of applicable taxes

Gamer Plus Package


Anytime Data

Gaming Data Quota


Gaming Data

12 am - 8 am

Voice Tariffs

  • Call Charges for Dialog to Dialog:
    • Per Second - Rs. 1.80 per Minute (Excluding Tax)
    • Per Min - Rs. 1.50 per Minute (Excluding Tax)
  • Call Charges for Dialog to non-Dialog:
    • Per Second - Rs. 1.80 per Minute (Excluding Tax)
    • Per Min - Rs. 1.50 per Minute (Excluding Tax)
  • Incoming : FREE

Usage View


BB<space>Usage<space><Home Broadband Number> and send to 678 from your Dialog mobile or to 0777678678 from any other mobile network.

Data Add-ons


If you wish to extend your Data beyond the Speed Check, Dialog offers the below Data Add-on options Learn more

Inclusive of taxes

Change existing postpaid package to a Gamer Plus package

  • USSD
    Dial #678# -> Select '7. Home Broadband' -> Enter your Home Broadband number -> Select '4.Change the Data Package' -> Select '4. Gaming Packs' -> Select '1. Upgrade/ 2. Downgrade' -> [Choose Package] -> Select '1. Activate'
  • Customer Experience Centres

Data Consumption Priority

Data Type Data Priority
Unlimited and Application-based (Netflix, Unlimited Work & Learn Lite and 30GB Packs, O365, Gaming Quota of Gaming Packs (Gamer Plus & Gamer Lite – If multiple gaming quotas exist, then the gaming quota with the fastest expiry will be consumed first.) 1
Nighttime Add-ons / FREE Night Bonus (pack with least expiry will be consumed first) 2
Work & Learn Plus 35GB and 80GB packages 3
Anytime Quota of Gamer Lite Add-on 4
Bonus Data 5
Add-ons (extensions)
**Will consume first (high priority) if first to expire.
Unlimited One-Time Data Add-On (if multiple exist, package with least expiry should be consumed first) 7
Anytime Quota of Gamer Plus Base Pack/ Standard Packages / Anytime Base Packages 8


  • To ensure a seamless gaming experience, customers must always have an active Anytime Data quota, in addition to their gaming quota, due to the presence of 3rd party URLs within the games. If customers have exceeded the limit on the Anytime Data quota provided with their gaming pack and if there’s no other available Anytime Data on their router, they are then required to activate any Data pack with an Anytime Data quota of their choice. If there is no active Anytime Data quota, gamers will be charged for Data usage via ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ when they access third party pages within the gaming platform.
  • Gamer Plus is a main package. The customer can either subscribe to it when buying the connection or change their existing package to a Gamer Plus package.
  • The given gaming quota is an Anytime Data quota where a chosen set of gaming protocols (gaming platforms) are whitelisted. Click here to check the whitelisted protocols.
  • The Anytime Data quota has no restrictions on Data consumption.
  • Game downloads through Play Store, App Store or any other platform will be consumed through the Anytime quota.
  • Quota under the connection will be shared among the users. The maximum speed available on the connection will be shared among the users.
  • Speed and latency will depend on the network conditions of the user’s location and the congestion and latency of other network paths to gaming servers.
  • The Gamer Plus pack can be activated as a base pack only and multiple Gamer Plus packs cannot be activated at the same time.
  • Base package changes will be completed in the next billing cycle.
  • Corporate customers will not be allowed to activate/purchase these packs.

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