Prepaid Fixed Blaster Daily Package

Rs.8 Daily Plan

Rs. 8.00

Per day



To dialog fixed line

* Daily recurring

Terms & Conditions apply

The above packages will subject taxes


One Time Fee
  • Connection Fee - FOC

Daily Rental
  • Rental - Rs. 8.00 + tax

Call charges
  • Incoming - Free

  • To dialog fixed Line - Free

  • To Dialog Mobile Phones - Per Second – Rs. 1.80 + tax (per minute)

  • To Any other Local Network - Per Second – Rs. 1.80 + tax (per minute)


Activate via USSD

- Type #678*16#

- Enter you Home Broadband account number

- Select ‘Voice On-net Unlimited’ and select ‘Activate’

  • Applicable taxes to be added.

TRC Reference No


Frequently asked questions

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What if I discontinue my voice monthly package in the middle of the 30 day cycle?

What if I try to activate a daily package before completing 30 days with the monthly unlimited voice package?