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Product User Guide [English | Sinhala]
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* Speed will vary depending on the resources of the network.

  • This device will provide you an Ultra-High speed internet connectivity wirelessly or via a LAN cable.
  • The device can support up to 150Mbps Down Link/50Mbps Up Link. *
  • You can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously with a 250m Wi-Fi coverage area to enjoy a smoother wireless experience.
  • Router supports voice/Fax/POS machines : You can connect via telephone port
    Note: Do not connect the Router to a telephone wall outlet (or any Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • Is there a battery inside the Router to use when there is no Electricity?
    1. B310s-925 model does not have an inbuilt battery. There are power adaptors in the market with rechargeable batteries to purchase.
ZLT S10 Wireless Router

ZLT S10 Wireless Router User Manual

M60 Manual
(No longer available for sale)