Buy your
Dream Device
on Instalment Plans
without Credit Cards


Lesi Pay is a revolutionary device financing product
which allows Dialog customers to obtain their dream device on very convenient monthly instalment schemes without a credit card.

Lesi Pay offers a wide range of mobile phones and tablets from the world renowned brands on very convenient monthly instalment schemes.

  • No Guarantor Needed

  • No Credit Card Needed

  • Flexible Payment Plan

  • Simplified e-Application


Download Genie App and register today!


How to Apply

A simple and fully digitized service supported under the Genie App

  • Download Genie App and register

    Visit the Play Store, App Store or click below to download Genie App. Register your details and continue.

    Download App

  • Select ‘Get a loan’ from the list

    Select ‘Get a loan’ and check your device loan eligibility

  • Check device loan eligibility

    You can check the device loan eligibility and click arrow to get started

  • Select your preferred device & plan

    You can check the available device range and select preferred device and the monthly plan

  • Complete the loan application

    Fill your personal & employment details , upload ID proof , verify the Terms and conditions and submit for approvals.

  • Verify device loan approval status

    Your loan approval status will be notified via Genie App or SMS.


Once the application is approved online, visit the nearest Dialog Experience Centre & collect the device.

Why Choose Lesi Pay

  • Dedicated account number

  • Multiple repayment modes

  • Easy access to view loan details


    Easy access to view loan statement


    Instant outstanding check


    User friendly


Payment Methods


Lesi Pay Devices are enabled with a “Device Blocking feature”.
What is the Device Blocking feature?

It is a remote device control for devices with instalment plans. Since all the devices are purchased under a monthly loan instalment scheme under Lesi Pay, this security feature is enabled in all devices. In the event a customer fails to repay the loan, Lesi Pay can block the device using this feature. Once the customer settles the outstanding, the device will then be automatically unlocked.

In addition to the above, the following functions are also available under the “Device Blocking feature”. For more info, please refer the Lesi Pay T&C document at the bottom.

  • Enrollment notifications

    A message will be displayed on the device to communicate initial enrollment and also in each & every SIM card change. This message will be displayed on each device reboot and SIM card changes.

  • Overdue notifications

    Where loan payments are overdue, notifications as payment reminders shall be sent to the purchased device.

  • Blink Reminders

    When an overdue payment notification fails to result in a prompt payment, a periodic blinking payment reminder will be sent to the purchased device as an escalated payment reminder.

    This blinking notification is made when the customer has not settled the above mentioned overdue notifications & will not stop blinking until the customer makes the payment.

  • Offline device locks

    If a customer has not paid the instalments despite the given reminders & in the event that the device's data is offed to avoid repayment, an offline device lock will automatically lock the particular device until repayment is done. This can occur when the customer does not connect to the network as a means of evading payment, and the device cannot be tracked since it is no longer receiving updates from the server.

  • SIM Lock Control

    SIM cards can be configured to restrict some functionality and/or lock the device if required. (An 'Active Dialog SIM' is required to be in either SIM tray 1 or SIM tray 2 for phones purchased via Lesi Pay)

  • Lock devices

    Where loan payments are overdue, the purchased device can be locked until we receive the payment from the customer. This device lock can be done when mobile Data is switched on the device.


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