Dialog powers ‘Sayuru’ location-based free National Weather Alert and Warning Service for Day-boat Fishermen

Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, in 2020 launched ‘Sayuru’ a free, trilingual fully-fledged SMS and voice messages-based weather and warning service for day-boat fishermen, who generally have the lowest incomes in fisheries communities. The service was developed with the close cooperation of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in partnership with the Department of Meteorology and is provided free of charge as a national service.

Unpredictable weather conditions have an adverse effect on livelihoods among coastal communities, and day-boat fishermen have the most limited means to seek advanced warning or receive emergency messages and return to safety. ‘Sayuru’ was developed to minimize risks for such fishermen by providing a platform to receive accurate information and alerts, instantly. The system is designed to provide location-based updates on weather and other alerts to fishermen through SMS and voice messages. It provides on-time weather forecasts to registered fishermen and is programmed to send emergency alerts (SMS and Voice) for rapidly developing weather hazards.

Registration Process

  • Simply Dial 828 and follow the instructions to select language and the coastal segment corresponding to your location.

  • OR

  • Type “ACT” and send it to 828

  • OR

  • By using “My Dialog APP” – enable "Sayuru" from “My Services” list in Value Added Services menu

How does it work?

Registered users will receive location-based weather-related information and advice directly to their phones as SMS and voice bulletins.

  • Registered users receive weather related updates and advice daily.

  • User receive emergency calls ahead of critical weather conditions.

  • The service is offered in Sinhala, Tamil & English to cater to and reach customers of all backgrounds in all locations

  • Service is offered 100% FOC

Deregistration process

  • Dial 828 and go to deregistration menu to deactivate the service.

  • OR

  • Type “DEACT” and send SMS to 828

  • OR

  • By using “My Dialog APP” – disable "Sayuru" from “My Services” list in Value Added Services menu

Sail Safe with Sayuru


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