Enjoy crystal clear conversations over Dialog 4G VoLTE Network

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) enable ultra-high quality voice and video calls over its 4G LTE Networks and exhibits several distinctive features including instant call set-up, HD/Near-Stereo voice quality. In addition, customers can make voice or video calls with VoLTE, whilst simultaneously using 4G LTE data. Subscribers require a LTE handset that is VoLTE capable in order to experience this service.

Dialog operates Sri Lanka’s widest mobile 4G network and the entire network is VoLTE enabled. Therefore, Dialog customers can enjoy below benefits by enabling 4G VoLTE.

  • High voice clarity when connected with VOLTE
  • Ability to brows data uninterruptedly while taking a voice call
  • Adopt to the latest technology – trendy

How to activate VoLTE on your Smartphone


  • Step 1:- Go to Settings and choose Mobile Data

  • Step 2:- Choose Mobile Data Options

  • Step 3:- Choose Voice & Data

  • Step 4:- Enable ‘VoLTE’


  • Step 1:- Go to Settings
    and choose ‘Connections’

  • Step 2:- Tap on Mobile Networks

  • Step 3:- Enable ‘Voice Over LTE’