Call Hold and Call Waiting

Call Hold and Waiting are powerful, basic features which are activated on almost all phones. They let you know who’s calling (even during a call) and place people on hold.


Most services are active by default. Call Hold and Call Waiting may require activation, using the following codes.

There are also codes listed to check.

Call Hold and Call Waiting

Activate Call Holding via SMS by sending VAS CH to 678.

You can also activate both of these services using the following codes:

Activation : *43# and SEND/OK

Deactivation : #43# and SEND/OK

Check whether services are active : *#43# and SEND/OK

How to use Call Hold and Call Waiting?

Call Hold: This service lets you pause a call and place that person on hold, without ending the call

Call Waiting: While you're on a call, this service gives you an alert that another person is trying to reach you. You can decide to take that call later or put the first person on hold and switch. You can even Call Conference everyone together into one call.


These services are all free, no additional rental required.