Idea Mart

Ideamart is a platform ecosystem fully owned by Dialog Axiata PLC, established to empower and expand the Sri Lankan developer community. With a focus on addressing the lack of resources and skills development opportunities in the tech industry, the Ideamart programme spearheaded the initiative of encouraging and empowering developers to excel in the tech field by partnering with like-minded organisations. The Ideamart programme offers a wide range of services and platforms, including unique solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers looking to bring their ideas to life.

Ideamart – To create your own digital services in simple SMS format, visit

AppMaker – To create your own Android application and take it to potential markets, visit – To create your own e-commerce store and drive your online businesses, visit

Ideabiz - enables your organisation to use Dialog network features that suit your company requirements the best. Visit

MarketPlace – Empower your business and start your digital transformation journey on

Developer Support WhatsApp line – 0767412345 (Standard data charges apply)