Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Alert (MCA) is an application designed to capture all call attempts when a particular subscriber is not reachable. e.g.: – phone switched off. Subscribers have to enable the Forward/Divert when busy feature or Forward when switched off/unavailable features from their individual handsets to the number 0777012012 Missed Call Alerts can also be diverted to any other Dialog number.


How to use Missed Call Alert?

Divert all calls

** 21 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK

Divert when busy

** 67 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK

Divert when unanswered
(approx. 30 seconds)

** 61 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK

Divert when unreachable
(mobile off or no coverage)

** 62 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK

Checking whether Divert is active

*# CODE # and SEND/OK


Type ##002# and SEND/OK Or select "Cancel All Diverts" on the phone menu.


Service is given free of charge for all subscribers.