Twin SIM

Twin SIM is a service that offers customers the facility to use two separate connections (a primary and secondary connection) with one number. When you call, SMS or MMS using your secondary connection, the primary connection number is what would be displayed to the recipient, instead of the secondary connection number.

Visit an outlet to activate this service.

How it works

When the secondary connection is used to make calls or send SMS/MMS, the recipient will be shown the primary number. Once connections are tagged as ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’, if the primary connection is switched off, calls will automatically be forwarded to the secondary connection. Calls forwarded between the two connections are free of charge.

A secondary connection can receive calls and SMS to its own number. However, if the secondary connection is switched off, calls would not automatically be forwarded to the primary connection. Calls generated from both the primary and secondary connection will be billed separately as individual connections, where tariffs would be charged according to the package activated for each connection.


You will be charged a monthly rental of Rs.100 +taxes for the primary connection.

The secondary connection will only be charged the standard rental.


Conditions apply:

  • Primary connection has to be a postpaid voice connection.
  • Secondary can be either Prepaid or Postpaid under same NIC or TIN

A primary connection cannot have more than one secondary connection and vice versa