Call Diversion

Call Diversion lets you divert calls to another number. This is very useful when your phone is dying or you’re out of coverage range, or if you simply don’t want to take calls. With this service you can divert calls to a landline or another mobile simply by entering the codes below.


No special activation is required. The shortcodes are entered directly on your phone as per the "How to Use" section below.

How to use Call Diversion?

When you want to divert your calls, simply enter the appropriate code into your phone and send. The general pattern is **[CODE NUMBER]*[OTHER NUMBER]#. To simply divert all calls the code is 21. Be sure to remember the code to turn deactivation off.

Divert All Calls

**21*(other number)# and SEND/OK
eg. **21*0777123456# SEND

Divert When Busy

**67*(other number)# and SEND/OK

Divert When Unanswered
(about 30 seconds)

**61*(other number)# and SEND/OK

Divert When Unreachable
(off or out of coverage)

**62*(other number)# and SEND/OK


##002# and SEND/OK

Check whether divert is active



All calls are billed as per usual package rates.