Voice Mail

This service lets your caller leave a voice message if you’re not reachable.


The relevant codes are 21, 67, 61, and 62

  • Divert All Calls: Type: **21*0777011011#ok

  • Divert When Busy: Type: **67*0777011011#ok

  • Divert When Unanswered (about 30 secs): Type: **61*0777011011#ok

  • Divert When Unreachable (off or out of coverage): Type: **62*0777011011#ok

Deactivation: ##002# and SEND/OK

Checking whether Divert is active: *# CODE # and SEND/OK. For example, to check whether all calls are diverted type *#21#

How to use Voice Mail?

First you define when you want calls to go to voicemail. You can divert all calls, only when you're busy, when you don't answer the phone, etc. Then, depending on the conditions you set, some calls will get diverted to voicemail.

As an example, let's say you've set Voicemail to divert when unanswered. A friend calls and you're away from the phone. The call go to voicemail and they hear a friendly automated voice requesting them to leave a voice message. You return to your phone and see an SMS saying that you've got a new voicemail. You call 771 to check the message.


No additional rental. When you call to retrieve a voice mail you will be charged Rs. 3.00 per minute.


Applicable taxes to be added